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“Way Deep!” 1 Timothy 6:11-16 Key verse(s) 16:“. . . who alone is immortal and who lives in unapproachable light, whom no one has seen or can see. To him be honor and might forever.”

I have an intense fear of deep water. Ever since I was a small boy I have feared whatever it is that lurks deep beneath the water. When I look into the dark and murky depths of a pristine lake, I envision struggle, even calamity.

I remember an instance many years ago when my brothers and I were in a row boat on a small lake in northern Wisconsin. Although the lake could be rowed across in a matter of ten or fifteen minutes, what it lacked in size it made up for in depth. Out in the middle of the lake the water was a deep black color. There were no weeds or vegetation to break up the blackness. It was simply black. We had rowed around this lake many times in our youth; fishing, for the most part. Having fished out in the middle several times, we had a pretty good idea how deep it was. I can still hear the line singing as my sinker raced for the bottom of the lake. On and on it went as yard upon yard of monofilament line whirred from the reel. It was deep, very deep.

I always wore a life preserver when we went out on the lake. I knew that it looked dorky and I wouldn’t have exposed myself to such ridicule in almost any other circumstance. But, when it came to this lake, any lake, for that matter, I put all thoughts of self-esteem aside. The thought of falling into the water with my poor ability to swim was just far too alarming for me to care much about how I looked rowing a boat.

Now we were out in the middle of that lake again; still-fishing for perch on a lazy summer day. Suddenly, one of my brothers had a strike. A perch had hit his worm and he began to reel it in. Just as he raised it from the water and began to reach for it, a very, very large Musky leaped from the water, grabbed the perch and dove back into the water. A poached fish and an encounter with a very large muskellunge is cause for excitement in any young boy’s life. The boat rocked from gunwale to gunwale as each of my two brothers lunged for the side of the boat where the thief had disappeared into the murky depths. I hung on because the water was “way” deep. Although I was thrilled to see a musky, my trembling had everything to do with the water and not the fish.

Why does God do things the way He does them? Have you ever wondered about that? Obviously He has a purpose and a reason for everything that He does. Of this we can have no doubt. Yet, there comes a time in life when we just have to stop, look up into the heavens and ask, “Why God?” Is that wrong? The asking may not be wrong, but the searching is. God has purposely hidden much of His will from us for good reason. It is beyond our understanding and it is that part of His nature which is unsearchable and we have no need to make investigation of. He has revealed what He wishes to reveal in His Word and that is sufficient for the day. Like that deep lake, we should approach God’s hidden will with deep fear and trembling. There is no need to test it or find out its depths. God has given us all we need to know in His Son, Jesus Christ. We will always have questions that remain unanswered for God has not spoken to us of all things. But, one fact remains, when it comes to knowing God, it is best to slip on the “life preserver” He has given us so that we might always be kept safe from what we know and what we don’t––the Word of God. Hang on to it dearly for what we don’t know is “way too deep” for us to fathom.

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