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Sexual Addiction is from the dark side and those who struggle with it need deliverance. This is only possible by surrendering your life over to the Lord Jesus Christ – Lets look at the symptoms of a sex addict:

1. Sexual acting out despite serious consequences and repeated attempts at control.

2. Inability to stop (or powerlessness) despite adverse consequences, with frequent use of denial, rationalization, and minimization to hide both the problem and the underlying shame.

3. Neglect or sacrifice of important social, family, occupational, or recreational activities because of sexual behavior.

4. An ongoing desire or effort to limit sexual behavior.

5. An inordinate amount of time spent in obtaining sex, being sexual, or recovering from sexual experience.

6. Risk taking.

7. Living a double life.

8. Decrease in one’s spiritual or religious life. A constant violation of one’s value system.

9. Endangering one’s professional and family life.

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