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Alonzo Mourning terrorized and dominated many opponents in the National Basketball Association during most of the 1990s. Then Mourning was diagnosed with a kidney ailment that threatened his career, as well as his life. After being away from the game for several years of treatment, recovery, and strengthening, Mourning is back with his team, but with a new perspective: "I remember five, six years ago, I felt like I was Superman," the 35-year-old Mourning said. "Nobody could stop me. First team All-NBA, Defensive Player of the Year—you name it. I was getting all the accolades because of my so-called invincibility. But I was humbled. I realize that I’ve been given another opportunity to live my life. I’m going to relish this opportunity and treasure this opportunity like it’s my last." Last night, it was an Alonzo Mourning block that sealed a Miami Heat victory and advanced them in the playoffs.

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