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Let me suggest a method for doing this. Jesus tells us in Mt. 18:15 that if someone does you wrong it is our responsibility to go and try to make it right. Now, in that passage Jesus is talking specifically about someone who sins against you but I think this can also be applied effectively to someone who is in trouble. Here’s what he says.

First step: Go to them face to face. Have them out to lunch or take them to a ball game and just say, “___________ there’s been something I’ve been wanting to talk to you about.” Then, very gently lay out what you’ve seen or heard and be honest with them. Help them see the circumstances a little clearer, remind them of the consequences.

CLIP FAMILY MAN - Chap. 9 - 1:02:00 - 1:04:17 - 2:17

That confrontation takes courage but you’re trying to save them & others pain.

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