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[There is the story of four pastors who gathered for coffee every Monday morning for a time of reflecting together how each one’s ministry was doing. One pastor shared with the group that he was having quite a problem with bats gathering in the church bell tower and wanted help in finding ways to get rid of them.

The first pastor responded, “I had the same problem. After church one Sunday I took out my grand pap’s shotgun and starting laying some lead and shooting the bats.”

“Did it work?” the bat infested pastor asked.

“Nope!” said the gun toting preacher. “All I did was shoot a bunch of holes in my roof and I still have bats”.

The second pastor responded, “I had a bat problem too.”

“What did you do about it?” asked the pastor with the problem.

“I set a bunch of traps in my church and I ended up catching all 165 bats by the next morning. I then loaded the traps onto my truck and I drove the bats 500 miles away from the church and I turned them loose (he was an animal lover and couldn’t bare to see them hurt).

“Did it work?” asked the pastor with the bat...

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