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Illus: Dr. McGhee told the story of the little homeless girl in London that crept into one of the large churches and sat in the back while the service was taking place. The pastor was preaching on Luke 15:1,2.

At the end of the service (when all had left but the pastor) she went down to the front to talk to the pastor. She said, "Sir, that was a wonderful message and it so blessed me. I did not know that my name was in the Bible and that Jesus loved me so much." "What is your name", ask the pastor? "My name is EDITH", she responded. "Well, your name is not in the Bible young lady" "Yes it is", she said, "You read it tonight" "You said, Jesus receives sinner and EDITH with them".

My friend, I don’t know if you name is EDITH or not but I do know that whatever you name is you are a sinner and Jesus will receive you.

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