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My wife and I had spent two weeks vacationing in Newfoundland. If you haven’t been you need to go! You haven’t lived until you’ve gone to the Rock! Well, maybe that’s a little stretched but I’m a little biased about home.

It was great catching up with all the family, two of those being my eight and four-year-old nephews. I had opportunity to play with the boys. It was so much fun for a while…but then it became a little bit of a problem with Daniel. I couldn’t get away from him! He followed me everywhere, clinging to my arm or leg or giving me a head-lock as he mimicked his favorite wrestling star. I would sneak out at times so I could catch my breath and not have to worry about an elbow planted in my lower back, an intended submission hold.

I didn’t read the fine print of this relationship. If I had realized how much he would want to hang out I’m not sure I would have been so available to start with.

Devon was a quieter fellow. I remember, after breakfast with the family at Smitty’s Restaurant one morning, Devon and I got to the vehicle before the others. I spoke aloud and said, “God, thank you for that. That was great.” Then Devon’s quiet voice in the back seat said, “You’re precious.” I was sure I heard God speak but that notion was shattered when my eyes met his and I asked, “Why do you say that?” His response was, “I have no idea!” We laughed and had fun with that moment. (I still believe God spoke to me through that child that morning to tell me how much he loves me).

The whole experience was worth it. I hope that when the boys talk about Uncle Dale they’ll remember the fun we had and think that I was a pretty neat guy. And you want to know something? I’ve come to appreciate how special those boys are. We have a unique bond that we never had previous to this summer. It was a time when we could bridge the distance in our relationships.

Besides, I got to sit in front of the PlayStation without being told to grow up!

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