3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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I have a friend who works with a church in Nashville. He was telling us a few weeks ago about a lady at his church who was really convicted by what she had been reading in the scriptures and hearing at church. She felt that she has no other choice but to take the love of God out to a dying world but there was a problem. She is a mother of three, and works in the Christian music industry so everyone she knew or had contact with already had a belief in God. But there was this conviction to do something, so she asked her church to pray that God would give her opportunities, and she would see them. Three weeks after the church prayed for her and after she had been in prayer everyday an opportunity came.

She said that she received a phone call fro a man who got her number from a man who knew a guy that had heard her play the piano. He was wondering if she could help them out on Friday night. Thinking that this was an opportunity she agreed and Friday night she left her husband and kids at home and went to play at this party. Well when she arrived at the address she was shocked to find that it was a bar, She said that she was very nervous but still feeling the conviction she entered, met the owner and started to play and pray that God would use her to make change in His world. That night she mat a young man named Jazz, who was her only contact. They surface talked briefly and that was that.

On Monday she received a call from the owner and asked her if she would like to start playing every Friday night. She said that she would think about it and get in touch with him. She called her Elders and they met with her and her husband and prayed about it. She decided that she would give it a try for 3 months and see what happened. That Friday night she went back to the bar and to her surprise Jazz was there waiting to see her again.

During her break they sat and talked and she discovered that he was 26 years old and in a homosexual relationship with a 48 year old partner that was dying of aids. She said that she knew this was the young man she felt that she needed to share God’s love with. Over the next three months they met every Friday night and drank coffee, talked, and built a trust. She finally got the opportunity to meet Jazz’s partner, and immediately invited them to her house for Supper. Once again she met with the Elders and they prayed together about the situation, and that God would give her an opportunity to share Christ with these two men.

The evening of the Supper arrived and Jazz arrived alone and was a bit uneasy, but this lady did everything she could to be graceful and compassionate to her guest. As the evening was wrapping up Jazz began to cry. He told this dear sister that no one had ever been so kind to him before, and wanted to know why would she...

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