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While living in Mississippi I loved to hunt and took every opportunity to do so. One day, our 5 year old begged and begged me to take him hunting. Finally, I acquiesced.

Now every sane person knows that no one takes a 5 year old hunting. But we did go into the woods together. He had his little stick rifle and I, just in case something was dumb enough to show up, carried my shot gun.

We walked a long, long way that day. Toward the end of our "hunt" we had to go up a very steep hill. About half way up I looked down and saw that my little boy was huffing and puffing. I asked him, "Jimmy, are you tired?" To which he quickly answered, "No, Daddy, but my feet are!"

I smiled, reached down, picked him up and carried him to the top of the hill as any good father would do.

There are times when a believer is suffering terribly. The time for their departure comes. Sometimes, I think our Heavenly Father looks down and asks, "Child, are you tired?" To which the answer may come, "No, Abba, but my body is." The Heavenly Father, the perfect Abba, simply reaches down and carries us to the "top of the hill" and that hill is the biggest hill I know of: Mount Calvary.

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