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The most natural and most enthusiastic expression of exultation should be used in view of the victories that Jesus Christ won upon the Cross of Calvary and in His resurrection. Our joy in the Lord may be demonstrative and I can assure you that God is not going to censure it.

Our family owns a video made in 1997 and it shares the history of the Green Bay Packers. In that video the narrator says, “Thousands gather at the cathedral of Lambo Field.” In another place in the video it refers to the Green Packer fans as worshiping.

There are three brief definitions in the Winston Dictionary on worship that deserve our consideration here. 1.) The act of paying reverence, adoration or homage to God. 2.) Excessive admiration. 3.) To perform religious services. The New International Dictionary of the Bible tells us this about worship. It is “The honor, reverence and homage paid to superior beings or powers, whether men, angels or God. The English word means “worthship,” w-o-r-t-h-s-h-i-p and it denotes the worthiness of the individual receiving the honor. …Worship in the New Testament consisted of preaching, reading of Scripture, almsgiving, prophesyings and tongues and singing.”

During the football season of 2004-2005, many times the Green Bay Packers were behind in the last two minutes of the game. The fans did not just set down quietly and wonder if their star quarterback, Bret Farve would be able pull out some miracle and win the game. No, because of the worthiness of his skills, endurance and faithfulness, they were on their feet, clapping and shouting. Showing him the honor he so long worked for because many is the time he lead the team to triumph in such an occasion.


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