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Max Lucado in his book on the Lord’s prayer, The Great House of God talks about this metaphor. He writes, “Forgive me for broaching the issue, but I must. I realize the topic is personal, but it’s time we went public. I need to talk to you about being overdrawn at the bank. Your paycheck was late. Your landlord cashed your rent check too quickly. You were going to make a deposit, but your aunt called from Minnesota and by the time you got to the bank it was closed and you didn’t know how to make a night deposit. Regardless of the reason, the result is the same: Insufficient funds... In the gallery of famous phrases, “insufficient funds” hangs in the same hallway with “The IRS will audit your account,” “A root canal is necessary,” and “Let’s stop dating and just be friends.” You are overdrawn. You’ve spent more than you had to spend. And guess who has to cough up the cash? Not the bank, not the store, not your boss, not your aunt in Minnesota. In the grand scheme of things you can make all the excuses you want, but a bounced check lands in the lap of the one who wrote it...”

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