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1. Let me talk to you about Ants. Not the kind that marry uncles, but the kind that live outside. According to a CNN article,

2."Like humans, fungus-growing ants are true farmers and the survival of the colony depends on the food they grow. Anywhere from a few hundred to over five million ants can inhabit any given colony at one time, and every single one has a job to do.

"The gardens consist of a special fungus the ants eat. Certain ants within the colony weed the garden, some dispose of waste, some excavate new underground chambers, and still others forage outside the nest for new compost on which their gardens grow.

Just as humans protect their homes and families, the largest and strongest "soldier" ants attack intruders, including army ants, anteaters, and even human scientists…

"Some ants care for aphids, a kind of insect that feeds on plants. Ants tend to these slow-moving creatures by protecting them from parasites and predators.

"Then, the ants "milk" these so-called pets for honeydew, a sweet liquid produced by the aphids just for the ants.

"Both creatures need something from the other, and...

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