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Illustration: Video clip from The Messenger – Joan of Arc from Videos That Teach 2

Page 108:

The Movie

France is embroiled in the The Hundred Years War with England, and young Jeanne d’Aragon (milla Jovovich) hears the voice of God telling her to lead the French army into battle and defend their land against the British. Jeanne is dubbed “Joan of Arc,” and she bravely guides her army in holy battle.

This Clip:

Start 1:49:14 “Who are you?”

Stop 1:50:25 Ends with Joan of Arc receiving several slaps to the face.

Joan is being held captive by the British when Satan (Dustin Hoffman) pays her a visit. When Joan asks Satan about his identity, he tries to confuse her by changing his appearance to resemble the young boy and later the young man she saw in her visions when God confirmed that he had chosen her for a special purpose. Once Joan rebukes Satan, he...

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