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Listen to the words of this poem entitled, "The View." I don't know the author, but the words are striking.

Jesus went upon the mount that day

To begin his ministry.

He gazed across the fertile ground,

And what did he see?

He looked upon the countless faces;

He saw the pain of un-numbered homes,

And the doubts of a thousand places.

His view was not limited

To what he saw that day.

He looked across eternity

And he saw you me,

And oh, so many others

All along the way.

God's grace he shared with words that day,

Happiness can be found no other way.

The path is found in humility

When you know your own poverty.

Not poor as the world defines

But poor before God, he chimed.

When in life you've found this key

Jesus said you've found eternity.

So when you think your life a mess,

Don't despair I do declare

Jesus came to bring you happiness.

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