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There was an story of a woman who was sranded in a remote area because her car failed . She decide to walk about to find out if there are people around the vicinity who could help her. In that area bad elements roams around suddenly a npoise from the woods caught her attention and she saw a group of ganster rushing towards her , she felt shock ofwhat she saw anfd knew inher heart that she is in big trouble. She run as fast as she could in the woods to evade her pursuers , from the distant she still heard the shouting of those bad elements. she kept on running andrunning until she found a small cave , at the entrance of the cave a huge spider web covered the entire mouth of the cave, she broke inside and hid there. Fortunately the spider immediately reconstructed his web in a couple of minutes , then the group arrived at the cave one of them hinted , " she might be hinding inside the other one retorted You fool how could she enter in that cave don’t you noticed it is zealed by spider web ? she would have broken the web if she is inside is’nt it. The woman was saved from a sure trouble.

God is our refuge even a spider web is like a strong-walled tower to them who trust in Him.

But they who know and trusat him not Strong-walled tower is like a spider web.

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