3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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During Cold War a Jewish Rabbi in Russia became very discouraged & disillusioned. In his despair one evening he took a long walk in the night. He was so engrossed in his thoughts as he walked that he did not notice that he was walking in to an area secured by the Russian authority. As he walked into that forbidden area, a soldier suddenly called out to him, “Who goes there?” The Rabbi was suddenly taken by what the guard had said. He walked up to the guard and asked him, “What did you say?” The guard said, “I asked you, who goes there?” The Rabbi then asked him, “How much do you make as a soldier here?” Taken back by such a question in those circumstances, the guard as him why he wanted to know. Then the Rabbi said, “I will pay you that much to ask me that question every morning. You have just given me the answer I have so desperately needed. I was in despair wondering what I could do about the circumstances of my life. But I had forgotten the more important and more basic question that must first be answered, Who am I? Thank you for reminding me what is most important of all. (Heard this story in a sermon by Wayne Cordeiro at an International Church of the Foursquare Convention during the nineties. The story is documented in one of his books which can be found at http://www.enewhope.org/nhostore/ )

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