3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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I want to begin this morning with a clip from the movie, Cheaper by the Dozen.

In this movie Coach Tom (played by Steve Martin) and his wife Kate (Bonnie Hart) have twelve kids. They are doing fine until opportunity knocks—an opportunity for Tom to pursue his dream of coaching a successful Top Ten football team in another town. In addition to the stress this change puts on the family, his wife, Kate, gets a chance to pursue her career as the author of a best selling book.

In this scene you will see the strain that comes on this family as they try “to have it all.”

Ch 21 (01:12:41) to end of Ch 22 (o1:17:52).

Earlier in this movie when the opportunity for promotion comes to Tom he proclaims to Kate with great excitement, “We’re gonna have it all!” Cheaper by the Dozen identifies a myth that plagues both Christians and non-Christians alike in this country. Can we really have it all? Perhaps the answer to that question depends upon what you mean by “it all.” Can I have everything God has to offer me and everything the world has to offer me? Absolutely not!

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