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Swindoll states this about “Grace Killers”: There are killers on the loose today. The problem is that you can’t tell by looking. They don’t wear little buttons that give away their identity, nor do they carry signs warning every body to stay away. On the contrary, a lot of them carry Bibles and appear to be clean-living, nice looking, law-abiding citizens. Most of them spend a lot of time in churches, some in places of religious leadership. Many are so respected in the community, their neighbors would never guess they are living next door to killers. They kill freedom, spontaneity, and creativity; they kill joy as well as productivity. They kill with their words and their pens and their looks. They kill with their attitudes far more often than with their behavior. There is hardly a church or Christian Organization or Christian school or missionary group or media ministry where such danger does not lurk (pg 3, The Grace Awakening).

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