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Love conquers fear. You know love is a powerful motivator. Love motivates us to give, sacrifice, to think of others before self. But it also can motivate us beyond our fears. Covington is a small village that is nearly perfect. Except that it is surrounded by woods that are inhabited by deadly beasts. Ivy Walker and Lucius Hunt have declared their love for one another and are engaged. But Noah Percy also loves Ivy and so stabs Lucius in a fit of jealousy. With Lucius near dead, Ivy, who is blind comes to her father to request the unthinkable.

Video clip - The Village - Chapter 15:56:48 - 59:40 = 2:53

Even though she is blind, even though she dreads the woods, her love compels her past her fear. Jesus Christ knelt in the Garden of Gethsemane and was so frightened that his sweat became as drops of blood. And yet His love for us and for God compelled Him to the cross.

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