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A few years ago a Godly pastor came to this city and planted a church here. He was so passionate and caring. He became the senior pastor for a while. He also had great associates. One of his associates was so gifted in preaching. His eloquence could draw a crowd. After a while, the senior pastor was gone, and his associate also left, and so the church is without a pastor.

The church board began a search committee for a new pastor. Some on the board wanted to find someone as eloquence in preaching as their last pastor, but some wanted to find someone with passionate care for the people as their church founder, and then there were some who pushed that they should invite big name preacher to pastor their church. And then there were always some idealists who said that the congregation wouldn’t really need a pastor.

At first, it was just a matter of opinions. But then people began to back their opinions with reasoning. Then philosophical and theological reasoning turns into debates. Debates became nasty. People took sides. Emotion was hurt. And before you know it, the church is on the verge of a painful split.

So much for the [fill in your church name here]!


No. It hadn’t happened to our church yet. But it could in the near future. It had happened to many churches we knew personally already. And we knew that it was happening to the Corinthian church!

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