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In the hard school of life God’s answer to our problems don’t come in the form of neatly pre-packaged solutions, like strips of shrink-wrapped capsules labelled for each anxiety we have, carrying a certificate of immunity from the hazards of life.

If I may give a personal illustration of this. Some years ago I found myself in a difficulty over employment. I was in my mid-forties, with family responsibilities. I had given in my notice to my employer because of an overwhelming sense of God’s leading in the matter, but didn’t have another position open to me. It was a difficult time of waiting, but I was encouraged by another Christian who told me confidently that "it was going to be exciting to see how God found a solution" - and it was! Perhaps I could have done without the waiting, but God’s timetables are not the same as ours! I heard a sermon on "God our sufficiency" which bolstered my faith and a couple of months later I was offered two secure jobs in the same week! If God leads you into a situation, you can be sure that he will see you through it. He never leaves anyone in the lurch. He guarantees to be with us as we negotiate the dificulties of life.

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