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Love means to joining who are different (opposing view) than me and having the Father’s heart

Adopted boy’s last wish

A Korean boy was adopted by joyous American family. While he was growing up, they realized that he was loosing hearing. Soon, his ability to speak was dying away as well as his sights- becoming totally blind. Sad stricken parents asked, "is there anything that we coudld do for you?" The boy asked, "if I could see my biological mother before I loose my eye sights." The parents asked Korean TV station for help and through hard work, they were able to unite them. The boy with tears flowing down his face, cried out, "momma," he could barely see his mother w/ his poor eye sights, frowns to see his mother’s face more clearly, his hands slowly going through his mother’s face ... "mom I love you." t/ moment, all his anger, bitterness, loneliness, longing ... all melted away, there was only peace, only love.

Elderly couple (pastor and his wife) who were married for last 50 years. Reporter asked, you must be very compatible to lived happily for so long.

The pastor smiled and say, on the contrary, we are very different, opposite. Even during the Winter I need to open...

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