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Dr. Larry Crabb wrote in Decision magazine (October, 2005): “I could wish with all my heart that it could be done differently. But when suffering comes, which we don’t orchestrate but which God providentially allows, it really is a profound opportunity to believe that God is doing what is central in His heart. One thing I think we need to recognize is that God is not committed to giving me a comfortable life. If He were, He could be doing a better job! He has the resources, and I have a few suggestions — which He doesn’t seem terribly open to. So I presume He has a higher goal. Either He is not very good, or I have to redefine what His goodness means. And obviously it is the latter.”

As Christians, we believe that God is up to something — even when we don’t always see it. Even when it seems like the world is going to the devil, God is doing something and he is in control. Even when it seems insignificant and is not always impressive. The parable today tells us that it doesn’t have to be big to be something which can change the world.

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