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In the movie, The Mission, which is based on a true story, Robert DiNero plays Mendoza, a mercenary who has killed and enslaved the Guarani Indians for years. Finally, he recognizes how wrong he has been. He comes to Father Gabriel, played by Jeremy Irons, and confesses his sin. Father Gabriel tries to convince Mendoza that he can be forgiven. But Mendoza believes there can never be forgiveness for him. So, Father Gabriel has him to do penance by carrying around a net containing all the belonging of his past mercenary life, his weapons, his armor, which represent the burdens of his sin. Mendoza agrees but wants to drag those tools of sin to the Indians themselves, so they can kill him. He sees that as the only way to get rid of his guilt. So, they make a long, incredibly arduous journey, to what Mendoza believes will be his just execution. What Mendoza doesn’t know is that Father Gabriel has been teaching the Guarani’s about God’s forgiveness.

Video Clip - The Mission - VHS - 38:25 - 44:04 (5:39)

“Oh, what joy for those whose rebellion is forgiven, whose sin is put out of sight!”

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