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Story of Daddy’s gunfight w/o clothes in WWII. My dad was in the Navy during WWII and he served on a small submarine chaser ship in the South Pacific. While on the ship one of their strict commands was to always be combat ready which meant even when you took a shower you must keep your gear nearby. Yet, there would be sometimes weeks they would not see another ship or plane and during these times they would become a little loose in their readiness. Then one morning my dad and some of his buddies where showering when the air-raid siren went off and were all called to immediately man their stations. The only problem, no clothes. As my dad ran out of the shower a helmet was slapped on his head and he had to run immediately to his post as an artillery loader with nothing but a helmet on. Dad said those spent shellings were hot on his feet and legs as he danced around them. Can you imagine the looks on the enemy pilot’s faces when they looked on the ship with naked men manning the guns? Dad found out quickly that not being ready had some pretty tough consequences.

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