"Double Blessing challenges us to reframe our perception of blessing, seeing God's gifts as opportunities for increased generosity." —Pastor Louie Giglio

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Somewhere I read the story of a family with a small boy, his parents and his grandfather. It happened that every evening when the family was having dinner at the table, the old grandfather spilled the food on his clothes. He was old, his hands were trembling and he could not move the spoon to his mouth so well anymore.

On a certain evening, when the family was at the table eating again, the grandfather not only spilled the soup from his spoon, but he also nudged his wineglass from the table. The glass broke down on the ground, and the wine made a red spot on the carpet. “What are you doing, father?”, said his son. “ Every evening you are spilling soup on your clothes, and now you are also breaking the glasses maki the room dirty. I am sick of it now, and I cannot stand it any longer. From tomorrow on, you will not eat with us at the table anymore. You will eat in the kitchen, where you cannot make my carpet dirty. For the rest I will give you a wooden cup, which you cannot break”. And so it happened that the old grandfather from that day on was eating in the kitchen, and was drinking from a wooden cup.

A few days later, when the mother of the family called her young son for dinner, she didn’t hear him responding. So she told her husband: “Will you have a look where our son is, I called him but he is not coming.” The father looked for the boy in all the rooms of the house, but he couldn’t find him. In the end he went to the garage, where he heard some noise. He found his son...

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