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Jesus draws a very vivid picture in this text of heaven and hell. Both are eternal. You can’t deny it. For those who would like to think that heaven is eternal, but hell is not - it can’t be done without tearing out the very words of God. In Matthew 25:46 Jesus lays eternal heaven and hell right next to each other, as two equally lengthy paths in opposite directions. Forever is a long time. Imagine, for instance one year of life in a one year old’s life, and a 90 year old’s life. To a ninety year old person - that year doesn’t seem too long. But to a one year old, it seems like an eternity. One hour in church seems like an eternity to some, while one hour of recess seems way too short. Time is relative to the one experiencing it. No matter where you are or how you feel, heaven and hell will be for eternity - whether it seems like it or not.

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