3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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Last year in India I prayed for a young woman who had known success. She was a university graduate, but grief had overtaken her when someone close had died. She was unable to release it to the Lord. Over time she became possessed by Demonic Spirits, when I first met her she could not talk but only grunt and growl like a wild animal. Her family had brought her by tractor to receive healing at a meeting. She was brought to the front and the demons began to shout "Even if 100 Pastors pray for me I will not leave" Well they did leave, In the name of Jesus, the last one going with a scream She was a little afraid and very weak after the event, but restored to her right mind. You can imagine my interest when returning this year as to how she was. The Pastor said She is totally well and has just got married. How Awesome is our Jesus!

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