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In China, Pastor Liu Ding has been to prison so many times for following Christ that he cannot remember how many. Each time as he has been released he has been labeled “Non-repentant.”

“I endured much hardship when I was in prison. Right at the beginning, my ears were beaten with an electric baton and fluid kept flowing from my ears for six months. Another time my leg was beaten, and its swelling became large. My fellow prisoners had me clean the toilets and to do the job I had to have the injured leg kneel on ice cold concrete ground and with the other leg stand up. Upon cleaning the toilet, there came a man who put dirty water in it and made me do it again. They did this to torture me.”

I experienced too much of these, but I have learned to confess the most precious thing I have ever learned is the Lord suffered more than we did. My family has not fallen away in the midst of our suffering. Rather, we become bolder following the Lord. Now my children are in the ministry and they inherit our wonderful examples following Him to the end.” (Voice of the Martyrs)

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