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Some of you might remember the old, old movie serial, Ma and Pa Kettle. You might say that they lived where the Beverly Hillbillies came from. In a classic scene from many episodes, Ma Kettle would go to bangin’ and a’ clangin’ the triangle on the porch. Suddenly, from every crevice and corner around the yard came at least a dozen screaming and yelling children. They rushed into the house fighting for a place at the table. Then Ma, in her loudest, commanding voice, would holler, "Hold it!" Everyone would freeze in silence, like you had pushed the pause button on the VCR. Pa Kettle would roll his eyes heavenward, tip his hat, and say, "Much obliged." Immediately, chaos, noise and rough-housing resumed just as abruptly as it had stopped.

And I think to myself . . . God calls us to much better than a tip of the hat.

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