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A fencing contractor was talking with a rich property owner about his chances of going to heaven. The rich man believed that God would be pleased with his efforts. He said,

“I’ve lived a good life and been hardworking and giving to worthy causes. Sure, I hide some of my income so it doesn’t get taxed as highly … but so does everyone else. And in my business you have to do a bit of lying and cheating … but how else will I get ahead. All in all I’m OK, I’m a nice person”.

The conversation ended and it was time to build the fence. Two weeks later the fence was ready and the property owner came and had a look. He was shocked by what he saw … because there were a number of gaps in the fence. Angrily he asked, “What have you done”. The fencing contractor replied.

“Well as I was building I left a few gaps on the way. But don’t worry, there are is a lot of fence still left and, in some places I even made it double thickness. The gaps only represent 2% of the fence, that means 98% is just fine”.

The rich property owner replied “98% is...

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