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In the movie Superman 2 Superman and Lois Lane decided that they’re in love, so Superman chooses to give up his super powers in order to marry Lois Lane. He is warned in advance that if he surrenders his powers he can never have them back. Still, he chooses to surrender his powers and become just ordinary Clark Kent. Shortly afterwards, he discovers that three evil super-villains have taken control of the Whitehouse and are attempting to establish themselves as rulers of planet earth. Now, more than ever, the world needs Superman--but it’s too late!

A dejected Clark Kent hikes through a raging blizzard back to Superman’s fortress of solitude. Now, it is in ruins. As Clark Kent walks through the rubble, he cries out loud, "Father, I have failed."

All of a sudden the scene changes to Metropolis. The super-villains are wreaking havoc and terrorizing the townspeople, and then, the music starts. Suddenly, up in the sky--it’s a bird--it’s a plane—no it’s Superman! Somehow, someway he regained his superpowers and he is back.

And we all know that the movie ends with Superman defeating the villains and winning the fight for truth, justice and the American way. (Whatever that is?)

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