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One of our members recently told the story, that when she was a teenager, for Christmas she really wanted a horse. When her parents brought in a big present for her, she was certain that it was a saddle… and that as soon as she opened it, they would take her to where they were keeping her horse. But when she opened the box, it was full of horse apples! That was as close as she was going to get to owning a horse. Her parents had the same sense of humor that she does.

In telling us to ‘test everything,’ Paul reminds us that not everything that is wrapped up in an appealing form is healthy or useful. The devil offers us a lot of stuff that looks good on the outside, but is only filled with horse apples on the inside. He can take the beautiful form of the human body and create lust in our hearts. He can take the gift of money, and make us slaves to gambling or materialism. Wrapped in comedy, he uses our evening programs to soften our hearts to accept ungodly lifestyles as something acceptable… even for us to practice (Sitcom Morality). He can even take the greatest gift we have, God’s Word, and twist it, so that we misplace our trust.

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