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On July 29, 1981, one of the most highly publicized and glamorous weddings in history took place.

• Britain’s Prince Charles married Lady Diana

• An estimated audience of 750 million people worldwide.

• 4500 pots of fresh flowers lined the route to St. Paul’s cathedral.

• 2500 people crowded that grand church where more than 75 technicians with 21 cameras worked to enable the world to watch this wedding.

• For many people, this was a modern fairy tale. A royal prince weds a lovely lady in a grand cathedral surrounded by adoring subjects.

• They were the envy of millions. They were rich, young, handsome. It was a "marriage made in heaven."

• Sadly, we know that the fairy tale became a nightmare. The couple grew more and more distant.

• Affairs ensued. The storybook marriage made in heaven eventually collapsed into...

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