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I want to share a story with you from last week in the Rocky Mountain Newspaper in Denver, Colorado. The story centers around a hot dog vendor and a fancy restaurant. "The beef between a hot dog vendor and a Wolfgang Puck restaurant in Cherry Creek boiled over Tuesday in a victory for the cart owner. Efforts to push Valentina Petty and her hot dog cart 60 feet across the street from the eatery in Fillmore Plaza are done, the restaurant’s vice president said Tuesday. "It’s over as far as we’re concerned," Dennis Deslongchamp said. "We’re done with this."

Wolfgang Puck Express, part of a franchise owned by the celebrity chef, had tried to get the Cherry Creek North Business Improvement District to move Petty, who has sold hot dogs and other food at East Second Avenue and Fillmore Street for seven years. The eatery, which opened in March, contended the hot dog cart adversely affected its business. News of the restaurant’s plan to move Petty, a Russian immigrant and single mother helping her 18-year-old daughter, Maria, pay for college, generated public outrage.

Around lunchtime one particular week, a man walked in front of Wolfgang Puck Express holding up his hot dog to the window in one hand and giving the restaurant a thumbs-down with the other. More than a dozen customers and several employees were inside.

For Petty, the spat over her pushcart proved profitable. She said business picked up after people heard about her predicament. She said she’s had regular and new customers from Golden, Boulder, Westminster, Aurora - "from everywhere" - offering their support. "Everybody knows my name," said Petty, who is shy and soft-spoken. "It’s very nice."

very nice."

The title of the article? "David Beats Goliath in hot dog cart battle." Now, if I told you the title of the article, you would have already known that the little hotdog vendor won over the big restaurant.

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