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Maybe when you were at camp or in the boy or girl scouts you sang... "One dark night when we were all in bed, old lady O’Leary lit a lantern in her shed. And when the cow kicked it over, she winked her eye and said, "It’ll be a hot time in the ole town tonight." And we’d yell, "Fire-Fire-Fire." It wasn’t til years later that I learned that the song was based on fact. It may not have been a cow but the great fire of Chicago began at 8:30pm, Oct. 8, 1871 by a small blaze in the barn of Patrick and Catherine O’Leary. It left over 80,000 people homeless, 17,500 buildings were destroyed and 300 people killed. What damage from such a small start. And you can carelessly speak a word that’s like a spark- and you have no idea of the ultimate damage that can be caused by your words. That’s why James writes in vs:6- “The tongue is like a spark. It is an evil power that dirties the rest of the body and sets a person’s entire life on fire with flames that come from hell itself.”

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