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On the lighter side of life:

From the book: Wacky Laws, Weird Decisions and Strange Statues, Main Street publishers.

Marriage and Family laws:

a. It’s against the law for children under the age of seven to go to college in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

b. Although there are no R and X ratings for Ma Bell, in Blue earth, Minnesota, it’s against the law for children under 12 to talk on the telephone unless accompanied by a parent.

c. Kids in Kalispell, Montana, must have a note from the doctor in order to buy a lollipop or candy bar while church services are in session.

d. At the Paiute Indian Reservation in California, a mother-in-law is prohibited from spending more than 30 days a year visiting her kids (pages 9, 10).

e. Kissing on the lips in Riverside, California, is in violation of a local health ordinance, unless both parties wipe their lips with carbonized rose water.

g. A kiss in Halethorpe, Maryland, cannot last longer than a second.

h. Kissing a stranger in Cedar Rapids, Iowa is illegal.

i. Any man who constantly kisses “human beings” is forbidden to have a moustache if he lives in Indiana (pages 31, 32).

j. If a lady in Dixie, Idaho, berates her husband in public and a crowd gathers, the husband is subject to a fine.

k. It is illegal to remarry the same man four times in Kentucky.

l. A man in Tennessee is forbidden to divorce his wife unless he leaves her ten pounds of dried...

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