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Perhaps you have read various versions of “The Penny” on the Internet. Here is a slightly different version:

A rich man was observed by friends to repeatedly pick up any penny he found on the street. This behavior was quite intriguing to his friends for the condition of the penny wasn’t an issue. It could be a shiny and new penny or a dull and dingy one. It never seemed the rich man was too busy or distracted to find a penny and it is doubtful a penny ever missed his gaze. For the rich man, finding a penny was a high priority in his day. Furthermore, friends noticed the rich man was joyful with each new find. He seemed to cherish each penny found as much as his millions in investments.

Finally, curiosity ran its course and a friend asked the rich man: “You are rich beyond measure, why do you stop whatever you are doing or wherever you are to pick up a penny? Why would a man with your wealth care so much about a single penny?

The rich man replied, “Each penny found reminds me of my true worth as a person. Many people during my life viewed me much like a penny. I was often discarded, passed by, left in the change tray or seen as having little value. Then, one day a rich man found me on the street feeling worthless and isolated. Unlike others, he viewed me differently. He saw in me great worth and potential. He promised to give me all he had to make me rich. I truly sensed this man cared for me...

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