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I have run across some absolutely irrefutable statistics that show exactly

why you are tired. It’s no wonder you’re tired either! There aren’t as many

people actually working as you may have thought, at least not according to

this survey recently completed.

The population of this country is 284 million, 119 million over 60 years of

age, which leaves 165 million to do the work. People under 20 years of age

total 115 million which leaves only 50 million to do the work.

Then there are 28 million who are employed by the Government, and that

leaves 22 million to do the work. Six million are in the Armed Forces, which

leaves 16 million to do the work. Deduct 15,690,000. - the number in the

State and City offices, and that leaves 310,000 to do the work. There are

288,000 in hospitals, insane asylums, etc., so that leaves 22,000 to do the


Now, it may interest you to know that there are 21,198 people in jail, so

that leaves just two people to carry the load. That’s you and me!

And brother, I’m getting tired of doing everything by myself.

(Author unknown)

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