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Several summers ago the Cleveland Plain Dealer ran an article entitled "The Gold Circled Ring." It told about some Kent State University students that were arrested because of their involvement in a conspiracy to steal from their employers. The students stole over $150,000 worth of goods. They took everything from VCR’s and clothing to small items such as Pepto Bismo and Aspirin. Some of the goods were given as gifts to their friends but most were kept for themselves. One girl had 32 pairs of shoes closeted away in her room. Now, these were not some of the campus hoodlums but these were some of the brighter students and to add a touch of irony, many of them were criminal justice majors. It was especially disturbing to read the student’s comments when they were interviewed in the article. There seemed to be little or no remorse. Nobody said we were wrong. But some did comment they regretted that some of their group got careless and got caught. Most expressed anger that certain members of the group couldn’t control themselves. One student said, "You know, certain individuals just seemed to get so caught up in it all that they didn’t know where to stop."

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