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Americans Support Christian Monuments In a new USA Today/CNN/Gallup Poll Americans are overwhelmingly thumbing their noses at liberal judicial activists who seek to strip the public square of all references to God. The poll shows the following preferences:

* The inscription “In God we trust” on U.S. coins: 90% approve. 8% disapprove.

* Non-denominational prayer at public school ceremonies: 78% approve. 21% disapprove.

* Monument of the Ten Commandments in public areas: 70% approve. 29% disapprove.

* Monument of the Koran in a public area: 33% approve. 64% do not approve.

* Federal funds for social programs run by Christian organizations: 64% approve. 34% disapprove.

* Federal funds for social programs run by Islamic organizations: 41% approve. 56% disapprove.

These numbers are interesting not only because they show the nation supports generic religious expression, but also because Americans clearly prefer Christian references to those of other religions, the antithesis of our courts today.

(PWB 10/3/03)

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