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You see, we’ve all heard stories of people who lucked up and found something hidden away in an attic that turned out to be really valuable, and we figure, if it could happen to them, it could happen to us. We hear stories like Ted and Virginia from Arizona. There story was found on Antiques Roadshow on PBS. Ted inherited a blanket from an aunt, and not caring much for the blanket, just threw it on a chair in the bedroom. There it stayed for years until the Antiques Roadshow came through Tuscon. Just for kicks, Ted and Virginia carried the blanket (the aunt told them it was Kit Carson’s) to see if it was worth anything, thinking perhaps it might be worth a couple of thousand dollars. Donald Ellis was the appraiser that day, and he almost fainted when he saw the blanket. Turns out the blanket was an original Navajo creation dating...

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