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Sue Herzog was 18 when she was KILLED on New Year's Day 1982. Kevin Tunell was 17, so his case went to JUVENILE COURT, where he was CONVICTED of MANSLAUGHTER and DRUNKEN DRIVING.

Louis and Patricia Herzog filed a $1.5 million suit against Tunell, but settled for $936.00, to be paid $1.00 at a time to REMIND Tunell what he had done to their daughter. The weekly payments began in 1982 and finally ended in August of 2000; one year for every year Susan LIVED.

During those long 18 years Tunell kept MISSING his PAYMENTS. The Herzogs kept taking him to COURT. On at least three occasions Tunell had been sent to JAIL for CONTEMPT because he didn't live up to his AGREEMENT to make the WEEKLY PAYMENTS.

Tunell told the COURT that he was constantly HAUNTED by Susan Herzog's DEATH and TORMENTED by the PAYMENTS, which were due each Friday, because Susan died on a Friday.

At one point, he offered the family two boxes...

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