Sermon Illustrations

We cannot all be heroes,

And thrill a hemisphere

With some great daring venture,

Some deed that mocks at fear;

But we can fill a life time

With kindly acts and true;

There’s always noble service

For noble hearts to do.

We cannot all be preachers,

And sway with voice and pen,

As strong winds sway the forest,

The mind and hearts of men

But we can be evangels

To souls within our reach;

There’s always Love’s own gospel

For loving hearts to preach.

We cannot all be martyrs,

And win a deathless name

By some Divine Baptism,

Some ministry of flame;

But we can live for truth’s sake,

Can do for Christ and dare;

There’s always faithful witness

For faithful hearts to bear.”

[Walter B. Knight, Knight’s Master Book of New Illustrations (Eerdman: Grand Rapids, 1956), 619.]

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