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Perhaps you saw Australian Story on TV this week (March 2006). It was about Lizzie Spender – Barry Humphries’ wife. The story goes that one time when she was flying over a friend’s property in the Kimberly they spotted a herd of wild Brumbies. Her friend said, “Pick one and it’s yours” and Spender did just that. She picked one and photographed it from the air. Then she came up with a plan to catch it.

And this was no mean task on a property the size of Tasmania. So over 18 months they pulled together a team from around the world. A chopper pilot, musterers, a horse whisperer (to break it in), and a float driver to transport it.

They even built a brand new road 30 kms long to get the transport vehicles close to where they needed to be. And they built 1.5 kms of hesian covered fencing for the muster yard. All the stops were pulled out to catch this one horse to satisfy Spenders desire to own it.

In the end the horse was never caught and Lizzie Spender had to settle for two other horses from the herd.

Towards the end of the story she explained that she had no children of her own and that the depth of emotion she had for...

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