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There’s a movie out at the theaters now, and I’m wondering how many of you have seen it. Has anyone seen the movie “Elf” yet? Although I have yet to see it, I heard the basic storyline in a review of the movie and thought to myself that the storyline of the movie sounds remarkably similar to the topic I want to talk about this morning. Because I haven’t personally seen the movie, I run the risk of getting a detail or two incorrect, so if I do, please forgive me.

In this movie, Santa Clause is making his rounds one Christmas night and during a visit to an orphanage an orphan infant sneaks into Santa’s sleigh and ends up riding all the way to the North Pole. The child is discovered, and after realizing that he was an orphan from the orphanage, the elves decide to adopt and raise the baby there at the North Pole. They dress him like an elf, treat him like an elf, and raise him like an elf.

The more time passes, the more evident it becomes that he definitely is NOT an elf. One major clue is that he grows to be over six feet tall. With each passing year, everyone becomes more and more aware that he is not an elf, and no amount of artificial, outward elf-ness can make him truly an elf. Finally, realizing that he doesn’t belong, he goes back to the real world to try to find his biological family, fit in, and become a normal person. As difficult as it was to try to be an elf, which he wasn’t, it is just as difficult trying to be a normal person because he had been artificially shaped into a form of elfness, without truly being an elf. Though I have no clue how the movie ends, the previews I have seen show a person who is somewhere in-between, not fitting in anywhere. He is an “almost” elf. He is an “almost” human.

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