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Fr James Keller, the founder of the Christophers Movement, narrates an incident he witnessed when he was a chaplain in the US army. He went to bury a soldier who died while trying to save a companion. After the funeral was over and everybody departed, the man who was saved by the dead soldier lingered on. The chaplain was curious. He observed from far what was going on. When all the others were out of sight, this man took out a pen and scribbled something on a piece of paper, stuck it on the cross that stood at the head of the tomb of his friend, prayed for a while and left. The chaplain came back o see what was o the paper. It read, “Thanks Joe; you did it for me. I will never forget it”. This is something that we should all do when we stand in front of the crucifix. Look at Jesus on the cross and say to him, “Thanks Jesus, you did it for me. I will never forget it”.

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