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On 15 October 1985 at about 9.30pm, and that’s about 20½ years ago (give or take a day), something happened which changed my life forever. Has anything ever happened to you to change your life forever?

Almost four weeks ago, on 20 March, I had an appointment. At 2pm on Monday 20 March 2006 I found myself entering number 10 Downing Street because I had an appointment with the Lord Chancellor’s Department. I had been through various security checks and there I was going through the door. After waiting on a sofa for a few minutes I was collected by a secretary who took my up a lift and along some corridors. Just before we got to our destination she said quietly, “Look behind you now.” I turned around and for about 2 seconds I stared into the eyes of our Prime Minister, Tony Blair. Feeling slightly strange, I continued on my way and along another corridor to my appointment; and I can honestly say that gazing into Tony Blair’s eyes has made absolutely no difference whatsoever to my life.

The 15 October 1985 was the day that changed my life. I realized that the stories in the Bible actually happened and my heart was filled with joy!

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