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Isaiah 11:3-5: The rule of the Righteous King:

Every four years or so we are reminded that we are a democracy because we go through elections where we hear politicians making promises they rarely keep, and berating the opposing party as though they were a plague and a blight upon our nation. The main thing we notice is that no matter who wins the election, we never seem to arrive at the utopian dream the politicians paint before Election Day. Let’s face it, no political regime up till now has figured everything out or solved all our problems.

We do hear, however, that when Messiah rules he will rule in perfect righteousness, perfect justice, and perfect faithfulness. That is good to know when we watch corrupt politicians getting booted out of office for impropriety and “moral turpitude” like we saw in our fair city recently.(San Antonio lost some of its city council and most of the Alamo College District trustees in ’02 due to influence peddling for lucrative building contracts)

When Messiah takes over the millennial kingdom he won’t be judging on the basis of what he sees with his eyes or hears with his ears, but on the basis of perfect knowledge and wisdom. In other words, the King of Kings will be able to read between the lines. That is important for those who have learned the hard way that justice is hard to come by here in this world. All kinds of unfair things happen, wrongs are seldom righted, and if someone attempts to do so they just wind up wronging someone else. (Like affirmative action in which someone is still bypassed for a place in a school or a position for a job. It’s just that our "wise" government has chosen to find new people to mistreat, and somehow that makes it all fair.)

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