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Have you ever heard of the Lotus Effect? The lotus is a beautiful blossom with dazzling whiteness. It is the national flower of India, the sacred flower of Hinduism, and prominent in Buddhism. It begins its life in the mud of a pond, shoots up through the muck and scum, and blossoms with a dazzling white flower.

How does it stay so clean in such an environment? Dr. Welhelm Barthlott of the University of Bonn began to study the phenomenon, and he discovered what he calls the Lotus Effect. The key is surface roughness. For example, imagine a board full of nails. If a piece of paper should float down onto the nails, it will not stick; in fact, a drop of water flowing down the nails will dislodge the paper.

This is how the lotus blossom stays clean. If dirt particles should lodge on the petals, the morning dew will sweep them away without even getting the petals wet. By the same analogy, when we clothe ourselves with the righteousness of Christ, it takes and changes our spiritual epidermis so that the filth rolls off because it can’t stick.

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